Slide background Hydroflux HUBER dedicated to providing world leading wastewater technology and processes to Australian Water Authorities and Councils.
Slide background Hydroflux Industrial's in depth knowledge and understanding of wastewater processes makes them industries go to expert for wastewater treatment.
Slide background Hydroflux Utilities provides many forms of water or wastewater plant support programs including, regular service and preventative maintenance contracts, chemical and spares supply and operation contracts for both industrial and municipal customers.
Slide background EPCO Australia – With over 50 years experience in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants EPCO’s products include – Wastewater Clarifiers, Water Clarifiers , Sludge Digesters and Package Sewage Treatment Plants
Slide background Hydroflux technology is the innovative arm of the Hydroflux group. Our ongoing product development, improvement and innovation sees the groups IP in a constant state of evolution
Slide background Cress Consulting is a specialist business providing environmental and sustainability consulting services to industry throughout Australia.


The Hydroflux Group operates in a number of sectors via unified complementary businesses, each engaged in the supply of specialist professional services and products to the water, wastewater and sustainability market.

Hydroflux Industrial - Defining Wastewater Engineering for Industry

Hydroflux Industrial is one of Australia’s most experienced industrial wastewater treatment companies. Our experience covers wastewater treatment in virtually every industrial sector from food processing to foundries and from paper mills to wineries. We are a unique knowledge source, rich in science and technology. Read more

Hydroflux HUBER - Quality Assured. Engineered for life

Hydroflux Huber is a business established to locally represent some of the world’s leading wastewater treatment equipment companies. All agreements between Hydroflux Huber and our partners are exclusive and allow us to providing some of the highest quality wastewater treatment products on the market. Read more

Hydroflux Utilities - Committed Wastewater Management Systems

Hydroflux Utilities is a business committed to wastewater management systems. The Utilities division provides the key link to integrating the Hydroflux businesses by providing a comprehensive support network for customers throughout Australia. Read more

Hydroflux Technology - Innovation in water, science and technology

Hydroflux Technology is the innovative arm of the Hydroflux Group. Our extensive experience has acquired a vast well of intellectual property and is transferrable via products, services and processes. Our ongoing product development, improvement and innovation sees our IP in a constant state of evolution. Read more

Cress Consulting - Sustainable Solutions for Industry

Cress Consulting Group specialises in working directly with owners, managers and engineers across all business sectors. We aim to build businesses understanding of sustainability and resource management and engage them in creating real solutions that work. Our innovative and practical approach will help your business integrate sustainability with your everyday business priorities. Read more