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Massive Conveyor System Delivered to One of Australia’s Largest Wastewater Treatment Plants

Spiral Screw Conveyor AustraliaHydroflux’s subsidiary company, Hydroflux Huber, delivered over 16 Dutch Spiral shaftless screw conveyors to the Malabar WWTP located in Sydney, which has one of the largest inlet works in Australia.

Shaftless screw conveyor technology was provided to transport screenings, grit and sludge from various parts of the treatment plant to the outloading bins.

“The package included a number of different applications – from fine screenings, coarse screenings, grit, sludge and sludge screenings. Hydroflux delivered a variety of ancillaries including interconnecting chutes, bifurcated chutes and outlet chutes.

Being such a large treatment plant, and mostly underground, the conveying system design offered significant challenges. Some of the conveyors were up to 20 metres long with a significant 32 deg inclination; the largest of the conveyors had a 700mm diameter!” says John Carroll, Director of Hydroflux HUBER Pty Ltd.

The conveyors were manufactured by Dutch Spiral BV, who are a global leader in the supply of shaftless screw conveyors for both municipal and industrial applications. Hydroflux Huber are the exclusive Australian and New Zealand agent for Dutch Spiral shaftless screw conveyor technology.

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Dutch Spiral Schaftless Screw Conveyor Malabar Hydroflux Australia

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