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James Hall Appointed to Hydroflux Industrial Board

James Hall HydrofluxWe are excited to announce the appointment of James Hall to the Board of Hydroflux Industrial Pty Ltd – a member of the Hydroflux Group of Companies.

James, a qualified Chemical Engineer, has been in the water and wastewater treatment industry for over 20 years in various capacities, including Corporate Management and Technical Consultancy.

James’, extensive experience and understanding of the needs of businesses across Australia and New Zealand will greatly assist our customers achieve their sustainability goals and ensure that our water and wastewater treatment products and solutions are in line with our customers critical needs. His in depth knowledge of the Australia/New Zealand and Asia Pacific markets in sectors such as Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, Pulp and Paper, Power and Chemical is a great fit for Hydroflux Industrial and will ensure we achieve our goal of delivering on world leading, reliable and economic solutions to our customers.

To connect with James Hall please call +61 2 9089 8833 or reach out via LinkedIn –

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