Water; The Health of a Nation

June 8, 2021

Part of Hydroflux’s sustainability objectives is to provide communities with clean water and sanitation. It’s in our DNA, and we have been successfully providing sanitation for communities in Papua New Guinea (PNG), since 1962. But sanitation is only half of UN Sustainability Development Goal 6, which is to provide clean water for drinking and sanitation through sewage treatment.

The Health of a Nation Containerised RO SystemRecently, Hydroflux Epco has increased its sustainable offering to communities in PNG via our successful HyPURE® range of potable water plants. The latest project for St Margaret’s hospital, in the Oro province of PNG, is clear proof of our determination to providing clean water and sanitation.

In PNG, medical outposts have two significant problems. The first is quality of water supply and the second is reliability of service. The St Margaret’s hospital site previously had to deal with both issues while trying to deliver quality care to its patients. The Hydroflux Epco HyPURE® treatment plant will solve this problem by applying robust and reliable technology to treat water on-site and assist with providing good health and well-being to the patients of the hospital.

For Hydroflux, the partnership with our in-country representative Fimali Ltd, increases local PNG access to our world class technology while providing economic growth and skills development to the regional provinces of PNG. The distributed project model represents a PNG first with design being undertaken by Hydroflux and the in-country construction, installation and commissioning being undertaken from Fimali’s trained staff in Madang.

Executing projects over long distance is never easy, and while this is by no means the first package plant Hydroflux has constructed in PNG, it is the first drinking water plant built in-country from the ground up. Building the HyPURE® potable water plant in Madang has positioned the Hydroflux/ Fimali team as a leader of economic growth in the PNG water sector.

St Margaret’s HyPURE® potable water plant, another example of Hydroflux sustainably supporting communities.

HyPURE® is a registered trademark of Hydroflux.

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